Custom Orders

Creative Business Forms, Inc., since 1986, has been providing local customers in Northern Michigan with custom printing on a wide array of products to suit their individual needs.  We want to extend our years of experience and hands-on customer service to online customers and provide your businesses with the custom-designed forms and printed products you need at the best price possible.

For over thirty years, we have built our business on meeting the needs of our customers. We can meet your needs by developing your made-to-suit custom printing project or by modify our existing offerings should you need a more specific print run or another customization. We can facilitate the process for repeat orders once we've created your custom solution.

We have provided a custom form, featured on the "Get a Quote" page, that allows users to specify a number of custom options for our standard product offerings that are not available on our product pages. Filling this out, including all optional fields and uploading artwork, is meant to provide us everything we need to prepare a custom order for you and be ready to move it into production promptly, pending your approval of the quoted price.

This form was created with a third-party app, and file uploads are hosted on Amazon AWS via an account set up by the app developer. The download link is disclosed to us for our use, but is not otherwise made available to any additional parties to our knowledge. If you are uncomfortable including your artwork with your submission, we do not require you to upload an artwork file to submit the form and request a quote. If your artwork is missing, we will request it by email when we respond with the price quote.

You can also use the form on this page to send us details about your custom order if you prefer to get in touch with us that way.