Laser Check, Tier 1 (8.5" x 11")

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Our laser checks offer excellent security features and software compatibility, with 3 tiers to suit your needs.

  • Tier 1 checks are printed on 24lb MICR bond paper (Bright White).
  • Meets the ANSI Check21 image readiness standards.
  • Compatible with your software of choice, including Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Money, Chase Premium Payroll, and others.
  • Includes 10 printed security features (detailed below), as well as the option for a hidden VOID pantograph which would appear on photocopies.
  • Full-color CMYK printing. Specify your selection of imprint and pantograph colors and add your logo, or let us print your checks from existing artwork.
  • Product ships in polywrap-protected packaging.
  • Typically ships within 3-5 business days after receiving customer approval. CBF will send a PDF proof via email for approval. The proof should be delivered in 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

Tier 1 Laser Checks

Our Tier 1 Laser Checks present an economical option that offers several valuable security features at a fine price. The 24lb MICR bond paper is a coated paper that sees a lot of use in the industry for checks and possesses a durable finish that holds up well in the typical handling situations that are common with paper checks. These are printed in full color with the CMYK process. Any CMYK color can be used for the imprint or pantograph, and we can incorporate your logo or artwork into the design.

CBF Tier 1 Laser Check Security Features

Security Feature Description
Pigment-based Ink Areas printed with pigment-based ink will not wash away if chemical alteration is attempted.
V-Dot recognized Printed feature triggers the anti-copy chip featured in most color copiers. Activation of this chip causes copies to be unusable.
Security Border Printed warning band indicates the check has a colored background and is printed on white paper.
Heat-sensitive Thermochromic Icon An image of a red key disappears when subjected to heat or touch.
Microprinting on Signature Line The signature line features the words "Authorized Signature" in tiny print and is unreadable when copied or altered.
Screened Check Back The screened back of the check is not properly reproduced when copied; this deters duplication.
Padlock Icon (front) Icon corresponds with a printed list of security guidelines featured on the back of the check and indicates the check's compliance with the guidelines.
Padlock Icon (back) A box on the back of the check lists certain security features on the check, both visible and concealed.
Mobile Check Backer Provides a printed confirmation for mobile deposits.
Digital Verification Grid The screened pattern of this grid is another element that is not reproduced if the check is photocopied.

"VOID" Pantograph

The VOID pantograph is available as an optional feature with a flat upcharge of $20.00. With this feature included, any photocopied version of the check would be imprinted with a VOID pantograph that is not visible on the original copy of the check. We recommend Navy Blue, Dark Green, Plum, and Dark Chocolate as the best pantograph colors to use with the VOID pantograph.

CBF Laser Check Ink Options

CBF Laser Check Pantograph Designs

Submitting Your Banking Information

To produce your custom-printed laser checks, Creative Business Forms requires the banking information that is printed on the check itself. This includes the customer and bank information that would appear on the check imprint, as well as the starting check number, fractional routing number, and the routing number and account number that are included in the MICR line at the bottom of the check.

We are committed to the safe handling of this sensitive information and to limiting our collection of it to instances that are strictly necessary. If you have indicated that you are a new laser check customer or have changes to your banking information from your most recent order, you will be presented with fields on the cart page of our website that you can use to provide the pertinent information. This does mean that this information is captured and stored along with all of the other details of the order on the back end of our website. This is the most expedient option for providing the information, but you are free to submit it separately from your order as well.

We urge you to consider some of these options for submitting your banking information:

  1. Secure fax to 231.941.0315
  2. Email to The account is hosted by ProtonMail, and we've provided the following public encryption key for securing your information:

CBF PGP Public Key



If you are submitting your banking information separately, an artwork file or a copy of an old check or alternative documentation that includes the necessary information (such as a completed MICR specification sheet) can be used to provide CBF with the required data.