Carbonless Unit-Set Forms, 8.5" x 11"

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We offer our multi-part carbonless unit-set forms with a full array of custom printing options to suit your needs.

  • Product features a snap-out size of 8.5" x 11". This product will include a 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" stub depending on the plant used for the manufacturing process. The maximum overall size of this product will be 8.5" x 11.75". Stub size can be specified in the order comments if necessary.
  • Printed exclusively on the original, superior NCR paper in standard weights. The first ply is 16lb weight and the last is 15lb weight. Intermediate parts (on 3- and 4-part runs) are printed on 14lb paper.
  • Your choice in one- or two-color printing. The basic ink options are black or reflex blue, and PMS ink match allows your selection of Pantone colors.
  • Pricing includes shrink-wrapping in sets of 250 and free shipping within the contiguous United States.
  • Extensive custom options available: three- or four-color forms, five- or six-part forms, part-to-part changes, numbering, drilling, perforations, padding, wrap-around covers, trimming for odd sizes, and non-standard paper sequences (combinations of White, Canary, Pink, Goldenrod, Blue, and Green as well as 105lb Manilla or White Tag). Contact us for a custom quote.

Much like our carbonless edge-glued forms, unit sets are multi-part forms printed on chemically treated NCR (carbonless) paper, which transfers information written onto the top sheet down to the remaining sheets for an instant receipt or acknowledgment that can be separated from the set. The collated sets of different colored papers are joined in the case of unit sets by a glued, perforated stub as opposed to a line of glue at the edge of the form. Unit-set forms are also referred to as snap-set or snap-out forms. A carefully separated unit-set form provides a clean, professional look at the bound edge for all parts because the glued section is torn away from the form.

Our one- and two- color ink options use the Pantone Matching System. You can elect to use the basic options (black or reflex blue), or opt for a PMS ink match in which you must provide the Pantone name or number of the Pantone color of your choosing.

The paper sequence for this product is standardized as follows:

 Number of Parts
Paper Sequence
2 White, Canary
3 White, Canary, Pink
4 White, Canary, Pink, Goldenrod