Laser Checks and Forms in Traverse City, MI

Whether to legitimize your business or streamline your accounts receivable, having custom-designed checks on-hand makes doing business easier. Creative Business Forms, Inc. not only has the ability to design checks specific to your business, we also specialize in check printing in Traverse City, MI. Thanks to our state-of-the-art, continuous laser check printing system, we accomplish this task quickly and with extreme accuracy and security.

laser check

Check Design

Stock checks are easy to forge, unspecific to your business and often easy to overlook. With a customized check design that’s reflective of your business—its logo, branding and verbiage—you’re able to eliminate these issues and set a precedent for professionalism each time you issue one.

At Creative Business Forms, Inc., our business form printing in Traverse City, MI extends to checks, to help you personalize this aspect of your business in a way that’s secure and custom. We’ll make sure your tailored check design has all the hallmarks of your brand.

*Please note that, as with all of our printed products, we require a minimum of 250 pieces per order when printing customized laser checks.


Our Software

Part of the reason we’re able to design and print checks is thanks to compatible software that enables extensive customization, while building in security features and necessary information. We simply mock up your check design, then use this compatible software to imbue your checks with all of the necessary parameters. It also works for deposit slips and more, so you’re guaranteed peace of mind when you come to us for these critical business forms.

Trusted Professionals

Don’t settle for standard checks or unsecured designs from another printer. Instead, let Creative Business Forms, Inc. furnish you with professionally-designed checks that are completely custom and totally secure. Contact our team today at 231-941-5181 to start discussing your design needs.