Rack Card, Premium 14PT Writable + UV (C1S)

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Reach out to potential customers with an order of our custom rack cards, just right for price lists, takeout menus, event calendars and more.

  • These rack cards combine a glossy and shiny coated side with an uncoated, writable side, printed on a 14pt card stock. The front side features our high-gloss UV coating, an outstanding and reflective finish with saturated colors and vivid reproduction of images. The back side is uncoated and features easy writability for you and your customers.
  • Pricing includes full-color printing on both sides and free shipping within the contiguous United States.
  • This product is a standard 4" x 9" rack card, offered in your choice of six paper-stock options. We can print orders to a number of available customized requirements, including more sizes, more paper options, adding tear-off stubs, and many other possibilities. Contact us about custom orders.

We are happy to offer this coated-one-side (C1S) option to customers who want the premium high-gloss look of our UV coating but require one side of their rack cards to be easily writable. Please label and arrange your artwork submissions with the intention that the front side is the glossy, coated side and the back side is the uncoated side. We will review your submission before we print your order, but taking these things into consideration will facilitate the process.

Want to target audiences, drive foot traffic and reach more customers? Rack cards are the perfect promotional tool for your business.  Make sure to place them in prime locations with heavy foot traffic: hotel lobbies, tourist centers, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, and more! Don't forget to include an irresistible offer or promotion to ensure a response. You can also hand them out or mail them to get your message out to the most potential customers.

Our custom rack cards offer a sleek layout that’s just right for price lists, takeout menus, event calendars and more. Whether you’re creating a rack card to promote an event, sale or a new product, it’s important to present all the details clearly and effectively.